Big Problems, but lots of Solutions

Many people think the future is hopeless, given the way humans have abused and overspent planetary resources. In the past, many governments have subsidized industry by allowing them to pollute at little or no cost to their shareholders, but at great cost to society. As an example, the World Health Organization estimates that air pollution kills 7 million people a year.

While we certainly need to make drastic changes and improvements in the coming years, humans have proved to be great problem solvers. Unfortunately, too much of our human brain power has been focused on making money in the short term and not enough on caring for societal health or the planet that sustains us. However, with a prodding from their customers, employees, investors and constituents, there seems to be a growing realization in business and government that clean air, fertile soil, drinkable water, abundant oceans, a  livable climate and healthy humans have value.

The good news is that more and more people are recognizing the issues that face us and are taking action. Below are some of the projects that we find most intriguing. We will continue to add to this list from time to time, so be sure to signup for our monthly Eco Action Newsletter.