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Profit from Good, Not Bad!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could print a Trillion Dollar$ and pay people and businesses to improve energy efficiency, create carbon offset projects, generate renewable power, plant trees and reduce greenhouse gases? BITCOIN has created a TRILLION dollars of BTC, BUT they are causing a rise in CO2 emissions by paying “miners” to use all forms of electricity (“Proof of Work“) instead of rewarding desirable actions.


Putting Puzzle Pieces Together

Eco Action is developing a Rewards Currency and ecosystem for POSITIVE ACTION that will Turbo-Charge Impact Investing.

We believe Maslow was correct to address peoples’ basic needs of food, shelter and medical first. Education is another piece of the puzzle. An Eco currency can address these foundational needs while simultaneously turbo-charging impact investing in environmental sustainability.

Globe puzzle

Fragmented Environmental Actions

Environmentalists have been aware of the bitcoin footprint problem since 2017, but things have only gotten worse as the price of BTC has risen.

Many in the bitcoin community think it’s the large amount of energy consumed in the mining process that gives btc its value, but energy use follows price, not the other way around. Bitcoin’s high price is from demand outstripping supply due, in large part, to network synergies (AKA The Network Effect) which explains why the power of a group grows EXPONENTIALLY rather than linearly).

The good news is that more and more people are recognizing the Bitcoin problem and action is already underway! BitGreen, the Crypto Climate Accord, MCO2 and Solar Coin are a few of the independent projects that have offered potential solutions, when, UNITED under a SINGLE UMBRELLA CURRENCY, will be able to offer a profitable alternative to Bitcoin.

“Without an established, dominant currency, it effectively splinters everyone into competing collectives, dividing the potential network effects each group can achieve.”

DoMAD in Bitcoin Talk on why Bitcoin can’t be beaten.

Let’s Work TOGETHER!

It’s time for ENVIRONMENTALISTS TO UNITE and use the Network Effect to benefit the planet by turning bitcoin upside down! This won’t be easy, but Eco Action has a plan that will succeed in a big way if we can unite enough human energy! The first step on our shared journey to a more sustainable and PROFITABLE future is for Environmentalists, Organizations and Individuals looking for the NEXT BIG THING to become part of the Eco Action Network.

To be clear, we are not asking for your money or much of your time. Rather, we simply want you to say that it makes more sense to reward good than bad and agree to receive our Eco Action Newsletter on a Monthly basis. Join for Free Now! 

Eco Action Web Network

“What drives the price of coin is the community behind the project. The founders/developers should pay attention in developing the community for BOOM. Every successful project has one thing in common aka strong and huge community.”

RankerCan in Bitcoin Talk