It took humans until the 19th Century to reach a population of 1 Billion. While it may have taken us thousands of generations to reach a billion people, we have been adding a billion people to the planet every ~13 years since 1960.

Recently, we have minted more and more resource intensive billionaires whose high carbon lifestyles have accounted for an outsized contribution to climate change and land development that has resulted in unprecedented losses of farmland, biodiversity and drinkable water.

Shirking Resources can Lead to More Conflict

We Now Have Billions Suffering From Poverty, Pollution and Malnutrition. Most are horrified by what they see in Ukraine, but not everyone realizes that resources are a central element of this war (i.e. fossil fuel dependency).

Humans are the most innovative & adaptable species to live on Planet Earth

While we often create a new problem in trying to solve the original issue and may be better off just letting Mother Nature do her job, so far we have been able to link recoveries and improve quality of life in the short run.

Measuring Success

What is the best measure of success? Should we try to factor human happiness and resources available to future generations into our equation?

Assuming that we value collective human happiness, how can we increase that on a planet with finite resources and a growing population?

Ways to Increase Happiness Given Limited Natural Resources

Most of this come down to more efficient utilization and less destruction of Natural Resources in the following areas

  • Manufacturing
  • Service Providers
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Personal Choices

If food waste was a separate country, it would account for more green house gas emissions that all but China and the United States.

Can Individuals be Happy While Making Planet Friendly Choices?

Have you every analyzed your life in terms of the impact it has on the planet?

Can a Staycation with friends close to home be as fun as a weekend abroad?

Can regular pick up games at a local park be just as good as for most kids and adults compared to travelling to compete?

These are only examples and the answers won’t be the same for everyone. If you had a carbon and resource budget, would you make more planet friendly choices and find a way to be just as happy?