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Network power grows exponentially as you add more people/entities/nodes. We aim to be inclusive and world-wide, giving as many people as possible a chance to get in on the ground floor. 

Each Founding Member will receive 75 Eco Action Gift Tokens as a thank you for making our Network stronger and more credible.  We will keep your email private while your Name, Description, Country and optional Link/Favorite Charity will be displayed on our Founding Members page. As time goes on, we hope that everyone will become more and more proud to be a part of the Eco Action Network, but you may choose to withdraw at any time.

Those who upload a photo to be displayed on our Founding Members Page will get an additional 25 tokens.

An additional 300 tokens will be given to the first person to translate our Earth Day Gift page into each new language. Please indicate your desire to do this in the notes section below.

The tokens currently have NO VALUE. Just like Bitcoin in 2008, we can’t make any promises regarding future value?? 

Founding Members have the OPTION to make FREE EARTH DAY GIFTS OF 50 Eco Action Gift Tokens each to their friends, family, co-workers, etc by sharing  If our networking efforts end with you, then we won’t gain much traction. Help the Planet by passing this FREE EARTH DAY GIFT on to those you care about. Even if the Gift Tokens never have value, recipients will be happy to know you are thinking about them and reminding them to enjoy Earth Day. Who knows, one day, the Eco Action Coin may be worth more than Bitcoin??
Thanks for reading and thanks for your support,
Matt Elston
Network Synergies
You can send your Earth Day Eco Action Gift Tokens by email, but we recommend a short text such as:
Happy Earth Day. I have a special gift waiting for you at
Let’s Celebrate Earth Day with my gift to you available at
My Earth Day gift to you: 50 Eco Action Gift Tokens. Please register at
Did you know that 1 Billion People take part in Earth Day activities each year? I have given you 50 Eco Action Gift Tokens redeemable at
Want to connect even more with your friends? Follow-up your text with a phone call…I know that is very 20th Century, but I bet they will be happy to hear from you.

Although not required, it would be nice if you uploaded a photo below. Please use a descriptive name for the uploaded file (like your name) We really appreciate your support. Thanks!

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